Meditation Practice for Connecting with Plants

Meditation Practice for Connecting with Plants

Engaging in an authentic and meaningful relationship with plants is more likely to happen when we can quiet our mind and be still. Cultivating a daily meditation practice as part of our daily routine supports our intention to learn how to connect with plants.

If you are new to meditation, create a quiet place, free of clutter, to sit and meditate at a similar time each day. Start with 5 minutes. Enjoy preparing and drinking a cup of herbal tea each day, either in the morning or evening. Choose a plant or tree that you will visit regularly throughout your meditative journey. Visit this plant or tree at least once a week.

Choosing a plant or tree to connect with: Perhaps during your morning or evening meditation, you ask the question: What plant or tree is inviting me to connect with them? Wait patiently. You may intuitively receive guidance as to which plant and where this plant is. Let your intuition and imagination remain open. Perhaps you have a strong feeling already for a plant or tree you have been wanting to spend time with. Stay open to various signs as plants communicate with us in surprising and magical ways. You may even find that the plant or tree you initially thought about is not quite the right one and another one is pulling at you. Follow their lead.

The first step in deepening your relationship with plants, and with Mother Earth, is to sit or kneel quietly near a plant or tree and do this regularly-daily or at least weekly. Try to do this practice at a similar time of day, like early morning or perhaps evening. Developing a relationship requires some regular effort on our part. Plants so appreciate the effort us humans make in respecting and relating with them from our hearts.

Watch your mind. If you feel stressed about this activity, stop and take some breaths. Use your breath to help you stay focused, grounded and more at ease. Meditation is a life long journey. Laughter is good medicine when we feel unable to relax and be still.

Enjoy this time you give yourself to be relaxing and connecting with a plant, tree or place. Create a regular time each day or week for connecting in this special way. Keep track of the new and full moon. Record how you feel during the waxing and waning lunar cycles and during the new and full moon. When the weather is clear, watch where on the horizon the full moon rises and where early in the morning the full moon sets.

You may want to take up this practice for a whole year. Keep a journal for recording any experiences, dreams or insights you receive from plants, trees, pollinators or other sentient beings. As you deepen your relationships with plants, you may consciously decide to invite them into your dream life. You may do this before you go to sleep, either lying down in bed or sitting in meditation. Keep your dream journal and a flashlight nearby so if you awaken in the night with a dream you can easily write your dream in your journal and go back to sleep. In the morning take some time to reflect upon your dream(s) and offer gratitude for the insights given. If you receive specific healing guidance please honor this guidance by integrating it into your life.

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