Cremes, Balms & Salves


Avena's handcrafted creams are of exceptional quality because of the special process we use to carefully blend our organic botanical oils with organic coconut oil, pure rosewater, and beeswax. Our cremes are made in small batches to ensure their freshness and efficacy. Avena's cremes contain no alcohol, synthetic scents, or glycerin, making them one of the purest organic cremes available anywhere. Their shelf life is one year when stored in a cool, dark place.


Our healing balms are of exceptional quality because we use our own infused medicinal oils blended with beeswax and pure essential oils. The fragrances wafting from our apothecary on the days Avena's balms are being created is uplifting and immensely pleasurable. Their shelf life is one and a half years.


Avena's salves are created from our own infused medicinal oils. After the special two week infusion process, beeswax is added to thicken the base oil, making a lovely smelling and easy to apply healing salve. The exceptional quality of the organic base oils of our salves along with our time intensive hand-pouring technique is why our salves are of such magnificent quality. Their shelf life is two years.