Coffee Bean Soap by Wandering Goat

Avena's Creme & Salve Maker creates these beautiful goat milk soaps with her mother in Union, Maine. They use fresh milk from their own goats and blend it with organic oils, herbs, spices and essential oils to produce a creamy, moisturizing bar of soap. Each bar is 5oz.


Wandering Goat says:

Our coffee soap was created for the coffee lovers of our community, including us! It also works to remove odors from your hands in the kitchen. We have fisherman who use this bar as well as home cooks and we have some who simply use it for their morning shower! Please note that this bar is exfoliating due to the fresh ground and 100% organic coffee that is used in making this soap.


Made with:

Fresh goats milk, saponified organic oils(olive, coconut, palm, soybean & jojoba), organic ground coffee beans, organic coffee & essential oils of coffee.


Wandering Goat's Pledge: We have a strong commitment to the planet and source only organic, sustainable and natural ingredients. You will never find any artificial fragrances or dyes, chemical additives or potentially harmful preservatives in our products. We will not sacrifice the quality of our products for profit. We believe that the trust and respect of our customers is the most important thing that we can earn. We truly love what we do and are excited to share our quality products with you!

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