Teas, Powders & Dried Herbs

We love our tea blends. Holding a cup of warm Avena tea in your hand and deeply breathing in its aroma is almost as good as being in our garden. Our teas are incredibly fresh and colorful as they are carefully harvested by hand and dried between 80-95 F. This ideal temperature range ensures their valuable constituents remain.

Many people use our nourishing organic herbal Ayurvedic powders as part of their regular health routine. Powders can be added to hot water, warm dairy or non-dairy milks or made into a paste by mixing with honey and nut butters.

The regular use of nourishing organic and biodynamic herbs can be an important source of minerals and vitamins to help increase your vitality and joy. We sell the finest quality dried organic and biodynamic herbs for making teas. Our celestial tea infuser holds an ample supply of bulk herbs and can be used to make a single cup or pot of tea.