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Our 200-year-old barn

(8/16/2023)  We have been working with Heritage Timber Wrights to breathe new life into our 200-year-old barn. Our vision is to complete well-needed updates and transform the top floor of the barn into a space for future community events such as musical performances, poetry readings, and documentary film screenings.

We're close to completing the first phase of renovation, and we need your help to raise an additional $7,000 for cedar shingles for the east and north walls.

You can contribute by donating $100 to cover one bundle of cedar shingles, more to cover multiple bundles, or less to fund part of a bundle.

For gifts of $25 or more, we'll email you an exclusive link to a special virtual garden talk with herbalist Deb Soule on a cherished herb, Greek Mullein. This will also include a short heart-centered guided meditation.

Donors can opt to have their name included on the donor recognition sign that will hang inside the barn upon completion.

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Barn shingling in processTop floor of barn