About Us

About Avena Botanicals

Avena Botanicals Herbal Apothecary offers a variety of hand-crafted herbal remedies for supporting the health and well being of our customers.  Most of our products are made with herbs grown and hand-harvested from our own biodynamic garden situated on a 32-acre farm in Rockport, Maine.  Avena was founded in 1985 by herbalist and gardener Deb Soule.  In 1995, Avena moved to its current location where Deb was able to design and plant a large organic and biodynamic herb garden. This beautiful three-acre garden provides an abundance of certified biodynamic herbs for the apothecary, a classroom for students, nectar-producing flowers for pollinators and a peaceful place for visitors to renew their spirit and find healing in nature.


Avena Botanicals’ mission is to create high quality, hand-crafted herbal remedies that enhance people’s health and well-being and to facilitate, through educational programs, a deeper spiritual and ecological understanding of the healing role organic and biodynamic gardens, medicinal herbs, and pollinators play in our society.   

Values and Guiding Principals

To be kind, caring, and compassionate
To nurture a spiritual and ecological connection with Nature
To bring gratitude and presence into all our activities with plants
To serve customers in a timely fashion
To honor personal growth, recognizing the workplace as a supportive environment for developing a greater awareness of self and our connection to the larger world