Herbal medicine matters. At Avena Botanicals, we believe medicinal plants and a sacred connection to place heal body, mind, and spirit and encourage humans to be mindful and loving stewards of the Earth.

We bring over a thousand pounds of fresh, hand-gathered medicinal herbs into our apothecary annually and use these herbs to thoughtfully prepare herbal tinctures, elixirs, glycerites, and oils. Over 80% of these herbs come directly from Avena's certified-biodynamic gardens.

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Herb of the Week ~ Nettle

March 28, 2015

Nettle: A Nutritious Spring Green This hardy perennial, native to Europe, can be grown from good-quality seed, though I have found it much easier to establish a nettle bed from root cuttings. My first nettle plants arrived by chance in a pile of fresh cow manure delivered by a local farmer in his truck. One of the best gifts an herbalist could ask for! Nettle loves growing in moist, fertile soil and in old compost piles. As long as nettle has enough moisture and fertility, it will flourish in the sun or partial shade. Every few years, in late fall, we shovel compost on top of Avena’s nettle beds to enrich the soil. Tree bark chips placed between our rows...

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Herb of the Week ~ Calendula

March 22, 2015

Calendula: Bringer of Sunshine This brightly colored medicinal flower is native to southern Europe. I remember seeing carpets of tiny orange calendula flowers blooming in Sicily when I visited once in late autumn. I could barely contain my joy and excitement. I love this flower for its beauty, its generosity, its mandala form, and its medicine.   Growing & Collecting Calendula  Every herb and vegetable garden should grow a row of calendula or at least consider planting 7-10 plants in one spot for the pollinators and people tending the garden. As long as you collect the newly-opened flowers every few days you will have continuous blooming plants until the hard frost. Place the fresh flowers in your water bottle and...

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