Oracle of the Hummingbirds Deck of Cards

Listen to messages from the hummingbirds with this Oracle that offers daily inspiration & guidance from invisible worlds
About the Oracle of the Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds help you with life's challenges and questions. They invite you to live with awareness, enthusiasm, and faith. This Oracle deck of cards offers daily inspiration and guidance from the invisible worlds.

The visionary and creator behind these cards, ethnobotanist and curandera Rocίo Alarcón, writes: "My maternal lineage left me a legacy of knowledge based on a close relationship with nature, the divine forces that surround us, especially hummingbirds and plants. My research aims at keeping alive the knowledge about the healing power of hummingbirds that my grandmother Angela Marίa Pozo Albuja taught me."

Rocίo Alarcón
Rocίo Alarcón

"Hummingbirds infuse you with divine forces and allow you to see other dimensions. They are weavers of light and link you to the spiritual world. Spiritual connections with the otherworldly elements found in nature profoundly heal and transform our lives."

This Oracle deck includes 37 different species of hummingbirds, each of which is described in an included booklet. Hummingbird profiles in the booklet provide each hummingbird's scientific name and information about its habitat within the Americas, its physical characteristics, its specific spiritual qualities and virtues, as well as ideas on how to create the spiritual landscape to be in contact with them. Special emphasis has been placed on describing species of Ecuador, as that is the center of hummingbird diversity within the Americas. The cards present beautiful drawings by artist Luisa Santiago Acosta of each of the described species, and the species of flora that attract them. The deck as whole expresses the hummingbirds' magical abilities to embody unity for the three Americas, recognizing these lands are full of healing energy and universal power.

Luisa Santiago Acosta
Luisa Santiago Acosta

Hummingbirds are messengers of unique attributes that can support and uplift your day-to-day life. Their spiritual guidance and suggestions offer your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies the ways to live in the present moment with happiness and joy.

Hummingbirds are especially powerful in healing emotions, as they can create energetic changes in your body. Their extraordinary iridescent colors, their fast and almost invisible movements, and their sounds, sharp and shrill, all contribute to their ability to shift humans' recurring thought processes and are able to calm the mind. Bringing the mind into a calm and meditative state helps you to develop a fuller life in the present moment, leaving the past behind, fixating less on the future, and feeling worries decrease.


The Oracle set includes a deck of 37 beautifully illustrated hummingbird cards and an informational booklet (both cards and the booklet feature English and Spanish versions). Inside the set's outer protective sleeve is a holder for the cards that accordions open so that you may display the deck and a front-facing card on your altar, desk, or table as a reminder of the medicine the hummingbird can offer you.