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Jobs Available at Avena Botanicals’ Apothecary and Organic & Biodynamic Herb Garden in West Rockport, Maine

Avena Botanicals is a small business in midcoast Maine where each person working within its rhythm plays an integral role in the co-creation process of providing high quality handmade herbal products from seed to bottle. We are an herbal apothecary that has offered a variety of hand-crafted herbal remedies for 32 years and most of our products are made with herbs grown and hand-harvested from our own biodynamic, organic gardens in Rockport, Maine. In providing high quality herbal remedies created by hand, we work to balance strong ideals about the creation of these remedies with good business practice. We strive to create a happy, healthy workplace for all beings.

Apothecary Coordinator

Thank you for your interest! We are no longer accepting applications for this position. Applications are in review and all applicants will be contacted after our review process is completed.

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