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Jobs Available at Avena Botanicals’ Apothecary and Organic & Biodynamic® Herb Garden in West Rockport, Maine

Avena Botanicals is a small business in midcoast Maine where each person working within its rhythm plays an integral role in the co-creation process of providing high quality handmade herbal products from seed to bottle. We are an herbal apothecary that has offered a variety of hand-crafted herbal remedies since 1985 and most of our products are made with herbs grown and hand-harvested from our own Biodynamic, organic gardens in Rockport, Maine. In providing high quality herbal remedies created by hand, we work to balance strong ideals about the creation of these remedies with good business practice. We strive to create a happy, healthy workplace for all beings. 

Production Gardener

The Production Gardener is responsible supporting the founder’s vision of creating high-quality herbal medicines by mindfully performing the day-to-day workflow in our production garden. The care of our gardens encompasses responsibilities ranging from planning seeds to harvesting medicinal plants and include: documentation of production activities, greenhouse and drying room care and maintenance, harvesting according to Avena’s processes and by use of biodynamic practices, and cooperating with the lead Production Gardener.

Our ideal candidate brings a mindful and heart-centered attitude to this work. We ask that applicants share our reverence for the generosity of plants and commitment to anti-racist, anti-oppressive ethics.

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and LGBTQIA+ folks are encouraged to apply.

Applicants should have:

  • Experience working with medicinal herbs
  • Experience working in a small-scale production garden
  • Knowledge of PC computer systems and Microsoft Office

The Production Gardener is a seasonal, full or part-time position (16-32 hours weekly) based in Rockport, Maine. The wage for this position depends on experience but ranges from $18 to $20 per hour. We offer paid time off and a generous product stipend to support our staff.

Job posted on 10/30/2023. Current status: Accepting applications by email at

Seeking Long-Term Farmers as Stewards

The gardens at Avena Botanicals and their creator Deb Soule joyfully put out a call for the next long-term devoted farmers to take on stewardship here. For 28 years, these 3-acre gardens, situated on 32 acres of field and forest, have served as a sanctuary for medicine plants, pollinators, and people, as a living classroom, and as the source for most of the herbal preparations that are made in our apothecary. We now seek the next special people who are called to care for these gardens long-term. This transition of leadership will be a multi-year process, as the new stewards will work and learn in close collaboration with Deb to gain intimacy with the rich ecosystem of beings who live here, and with the gardening practices that help this place thrive.

The right people for this role are experienced, sturdy farmers, with deep respect for the sacred work of gathering and making medicine with plants. Essential skills are:

  • An ability to see the "big picture" on a farm: the arc of a season, recognizing priorities in the gardens, delegating tasks, managing a greenhouse, herb drying rooms, harvest rhythms, safety, and interpersonal dynamics. A minimum of 4-5 years of farming experience is a must.
  • The ability to lead a garden crew.
  • Being well-organized and maintaining good systems.
  • Confidence in record keeping and garden mapping, particularly in terms of sustaining compliance to the requirements set by MOFGA, Demeter, and the FDA.
  • Taking good care of tools, supplies, and work spaces.
  • An eye for garden aesthetics along with "production."

Essential qualities for this role include someone:

  • Who is grounded in Earth's wisdom and extremely observant of the natural world. Who recognizes that gardening is a spiritual practice, one that embodies reciprocity, gratitude, and humility.
  • Who enjoys physical labor, and is able to do vigorous work with their body in an ongoing way. Whose vigor and pace set an example for the rest of the crew. Who sees what needs to be done and makes sure it happens.
  • Who humbly recognizes that they are part of an ecosystem, and respects all beings: human and other than human. Particular love and respect for pollinators, especially hummingbirds, makes this person a resonant candidate.
  • Who is eager to be part of a community centered around contemplative and sacred relationship with plants. We seek someone with an established personal spiritual practice, and commitment to inner well-being, however that is for them.
  • With a deep commitment to racial justice and participation in indigenous sovereignty movements— someone who seeks to recognize and embody their (and Avena's) role in the cultural healing that is needed at this time.
  • Who is eager for intergenerational learning, ready to work closely with Deb to receive her wisdom about the plants and pollinators and rhythms of the gardens.
  • Who is a problem-solver, seeing what needs to be done and doing it.
  • With good leadership skills, who prioritizes clear, easeful, kind communication.
  • With a background or interest in Biodynamic agriculture, and a readiness to deepen that study and practice.
  • With a background in organic farming practices.
  • With an openness to and interest in medicinal plants.
  • Who is a good listener and collaborator, who takes and gives feedback with grace. Who moves with compassion, empathy, and care.
  • Who is ready to explore the possibility of putting down deep roots as a long-term steward of this Sanctuary.

This role is a full-time commitment - 4 or 4.5 days per week (around 36 hours) plus a rotation of weekend chores in the height of the season, May through the end of October. In April and November, the commitment is for approximately half-time hours to tend to garden records as well as pre- and post-season activities. Winter hours/presence is not essential, but is flexible.

Job posted on 9/23/2023. Current status: Accepting applications by email at

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