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About Avena Botanicals in Rockport, Maine

Avena Botanicals is a small, woman-owned business that has been providing high quality herbal products from seed to bottle for nearly 40 years, using fresh, organic & Biodynamic® herbs. We believe that these vital plants and a sacred connection to place promote wellness of the body, mind, and spirit and encourage humans to be mindful and loving stewards of the Earth. Our herbs are hand-harvested in the spirit of joy and immediately hand-crafted in our on-site production facility in Rockport, Maine. We carefully tend to the balance between this joyful practice and our commitment to quality and adherence to regulations (GMPs). After nearly four decades in business, we remain committed to offering the highest quality, traditionally-crafted, artisanal herbal products. 

A Nurturing Place
Our mission is to create the highest quality herbal products while nurturing plants, people, and pollinators. We have fewer than 15 employees who form a collaborative team. Some of us were born and raised in Maine and others moved here because of the beauty and quiet of the natural landscape that surrounds us. We are herbalists, gardeners, healers, professional artists, writers, teachers, parents, hikers, meditators, yoga practitioners, beekeepers, local food enthusiasts, and more. Because all our artisanal herbal products are made in our on-site production facility, mostly with herbs freshly grown and harvested from our own biodynamic, organic gardens, every team member is able to experience the beauty of the full seed to bottle process. Staff often bask in the tranquility of the garden during breaks, visit local hiking trails or beaches after work, share music and tea together, and co-create personal enrichment workshops together. We are passionate about environmental and social justice issues, working actively as a community to drive positive change; we welcome job applicants of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities, and encourage BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals to apply to join our team.

Our team members enjoy benefits that include paid time off, paid holidays, a generous product stipend, and a beautiful, unique work environment. Staff have access to our peaceful gardens, personal enrichment workshops, and a variety of free herbal classes when they are offered through our sister non-profit, The Herbal Classroom. Whenever feasible, we offer each team member the option of a four-day work week to ensure a harmonious work-life balance.  

Everything we do is done by hand, from seed planting, to pouring our liquids and salves, to shipping our packages. Our hands keep us directly connected to serving plants, people, and our planet. We prioritize connection, not large-scale manufacturing.

Since our inception in 1985, we have used no chemicals, additives, or solvents of any kind in our herbal products or in our farming practices. Our on-site production facility is free of toxic paints, finishes, and synthetic scents and we use only 100% biodegradable cleaning supplies. Maintaining a toxic chemical free workplace contributes not only to the purity of our products, but to our team members' enjoyment of a healthy work environment.

Integrity is a value that remains constant in our thoughts, words, and actions. We care about the health and well-being of the people and plants we serve, as well as each other, and take extra care as we collect our herbs and create our products.


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