Hawthorn berries

Hawthorn speaks to the human heart, and shares a botanical family with the most well known heart-herb of all, Rose. As an herb, Hawthorn is food-like in nature and rich in flavonoids, not unlike blueberries. And it can be included daily for someone seeking long-term, or short-term, cardiovascular support. Hawthorn supports healthy heart muscle function, overall circulation, and cognitive function.

Hawthorn offers us the courage to stand upright and live with a warm, steady, and open heart. It helps to comfort us when we feel vulnerable, tender hearted, or grief-stricken. Hawthorn’s energy encourages us to care thoughtfully for ourselves, our relationship with others, and the greater landscape of life. Assisting to calm and settle the emotional heart, lessen grief and irritation, and ease us into deeper rest and restoration as needed.