An Herbalist’s Perspective on Autumn Care

A footpath through an autumn forest.

Autumn in the northeastern United States means that green becomes gold as plants stop producing chlorophyll, the pigment that makes leaves green, causing the familiar and fleeting warmer pigments to shine through. The trees are preparing for the coldness and darkness of winter. One way they do this is by consolidating and drawing their resources down and inward. Plants also release parts of themselves that cannot be sustained, mostly their foliage, as an answer  to Autumn’s call of necessity and discernment. 

The transition seasons are beautiful and embody an energy of "bothness." For this reason Autumn and Spring may require us to spend a bit more attention orienting to time and space, our bodies, daily rhythms, and both the kind of and preparation of  herbs, foods and beverages we have daily. What metaphorical foliage are you called to drop as you move into the quiet and fertile darkness of Winter’s womb? What are you drawing inside for sustenance?

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5 Cooling Herbs for Summer

Cooling Herbs for Summer

Summertime is marked by the warmth of the sun on the earth, and by light. The increase of solar radiation warms our bodies, and the increased light causes the plants to grow and fruit. Summer is a time of increased activity and this is reflected everywhere in the movement and expansiveness of the season. Just as in the winter we gravitate toward food and beverages that bring cozy warmth to the body (like soup or spicy chai), in the summer we naturally seek those foods that refresh, cool, and hydrate.

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On the Fertile Ground of Now

Our herbalist and founder, Deb Soule, writes: "It is long overdue that herbalists speak out against white supremacy, and that white-identified herbalists no longer center ourselves, that we disrupt oppressive patterns, and that we become more accountable for the harmful impacts of racism." Read more from Deb and the Board of Directors at The Herbal Classroom. View full article →

Celebrating our 35th Year and Announcing Upcoming Changes

As we celebrate our 35th Anniversary, we are aware of essential steps we need to take in order to remain on a sustainable path & continue serving you.

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April 21, 2020


Earth Day ›   Music ›  

Music in Celebration of Earth Day

Enjoy the original song “All Will Be Well” written by Ethan Stokes Tischler, played by Elsie, Molly, Edith, John and Caspian Ray Gawler in celebration of our Mother Earth this Earth Day 2020.

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Statement on COVID-19

At Avena Botanicals, the well-being of our staff and customers is everything. Our business is supporting wellness by offering high-quality herbal products that benefit our customers' health. At this time with the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, there is an important balance between our internal efforts to protect the health and safety of our team while we minimize disruptions to our customers.

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Meditation Practice for Connecting with Plants

Meditation Practice for Connecting with Plants

Let your intuition and imagination remain open. Perhaps you have a strong feeling already for a plant or tree you have been wanting to spend time with. Stay open to various signs as plants communicate with us in surprising and magical ways. You may even find that the plant or tree you initially thought about is not quite the right one and another one is pulling at you. Follow their lead

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Lovely Lemon Balm


There are a number of scents that instantly calm us down and soothe our nerves. One of those precious herbs is Lemon Balm or Melissa officinalis. A member of the Lamiaceae family, one of the most fragrant families, which includes all mints and balms.

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Herbal Allies for Pregnancy, New Parents, and Baby

Each pregnancy, birth, and child are different. So, too, are the herbs that can support a woman through this very special time in her life. As we observe the changes in our bodies, nourishing the baby inside, we need to listen to our bodies to understand what herbs will best support us. There are several deeply nourishing herbs women can use throughout her pregnancy and afterward to support her overall well-being.

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Spring Detox: 5 Bitter Herbs to Help Improve Digestion and Cleanse the Body

Herbalists believe that health and vitality begin in the digestive tract. Bitter-tasting herbs are best taken before each meal to enhance digestive function, improve metabolism, and support a balanced state of mind. People worldwide have traditionally called upon spring greens to cleanse the body and clear the mind. Learn more about bitter spring greens that are popping up all over the land and how to incorporate plants like, nettle, burdock, red clover, milk thistle, and dandelion into your daily regimen.

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