Soulflower Essences POLLINATOR Collection

Flower Essences that Help Us Remember that Even the Smallest Among us Have an Important Role to Play
We produce these kits by hand mindfully and in a sacred way, so supplies will naturally ebb and flow. All orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible.
About the Soulflower Essences POLLINATOR Collection

Flower essences are energetic remedies that carry a flower's healing vibration directly to us, serving as catalysts for our soul's healing journey.

These Essence Kits are a labor of love and collaborative creation inspired by artist Lisa Estabrook's Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck and books and handcrafted by our herbalist and founder, Deb Soule. Throughout the summer months, Deb gently places flowers into a glass bowl of spring water and they infuse in the center of our Pollinator Sanctuary garden for several hours. The creation of each set is mindful and sacred; we sing and chant in a quiet, sun-filled space in our apothecary as each flower essence bottle is created. Our flower essence kits are offered to you in the spirit of healing and love.

It is impossible to take in the intricacy and expansiveness of the planet we call home, or indeed the vast cosmos, without imagining ourselves so small, invisible even, and powerless to effect or create any real change. But the pollinators connect us to a different story, one that shows us how deeply connected we all truly are, and how even the smallest among us has an enormous impact on the whole.

This collection honors pollinators, some of the smallest co-creators of our world, and the flowers that have evolved alongside them to support life.

The flowers offered in this Pollinator Collection are ones that the ruby-throated hummingbirds and bees (native bees and honeybees) drink nectar from and pollinate in our healing gardens. For over 30 years, Deb has intentionally integrated flowers for hummingbirds into our Pollinator Sanctuary garden. These tiny birds, weavers of light, teach humans about the importance of pollination, ecology, beauty, healing, joy, and so much more. Hummingbirds embody beauty. They are a link between the physical and spiritual realms, and a bridge between the northern, central, and southern hemispheres. The ruby-throated hummingbird travels several thousand miles north each spring; a few pairs mate and nest in our gardens, and then migrate south in early fall. They live in rhythm with the seasons. These flower essences, infused with the energy of hummingbirds and bees, guide us to live in harmony and balance with the rhythms of nature and to strengthen our capacity to care for ourselves, each other, and the soil, water, plants, trees, seeds, and pollinators with whom we live.

Ecosystems thrive when there is a diversity of plants and animals, and Bee Balm encourages to see this truth reflected in our human communities too. We all have unique gifts, stories and perceptions to share and a vibrant and healthy community supports diversity in all areas of thought, experience and practice. You are here now for a reason!

Looking around the future can seem bleak. Our hearts are broken, the pollinators are suffering and in turn so are we. Bleeding Heart reminds us that it is impossible to sustain the energy required to create change when we source our energy from outside of ourselves. This is a journey of remembering the true infinite source of our individual heart’s strength and power, so that we can begin to embody sustainable practices in our own lives and beyond.

Columbine is here to remind us of the infinite abundance of Mother Earth and that there are enough resources to generously support us all and all expressions of life. Our thoughts, words and actions all impact the world around us and everyday is an opportunity to be mindful and skillful in our personal lifestyle choices, understanding that just as the pollinators have a big impact on the world around them, so do we all.

One heart and one mind at a time, Dandelion asks us to let go of all the limiting beliefs we are holding on to that are deeply rooted in scarcity and lack and release all the old paradigms of control over Nature, that we have carried for generations, and that no longer serve our collective evolution.

What is called for now is a retelling of our human story where all beings, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, are honored. Evening Primrose allows for a birthing, a spiritual rebirthing, of our true selves where we know ourselves as spirit embodied and not only global but indeed cosmic citizens.

Sometimes we may feel stuck and overwhelmed with how to even begin this re-story-ation. Iris' deeply restorative energy helps revitalize our connection to divine guidance so that we can remember how to cultivate the beauty within, and then actively create an even more beautiful world that our spirits desire to call into being.

Nasturtium reminds us of the vital energy, the life force that flows through all—humans, pollinators and flowers alike. These bright flowers invite us to come back to the extraordinary beauty and sensual experience of physical life in all of its expressions, and to remember what it feels like to flow with life rather than always trying to control it.

Our world is so much more than what we can perceive with our human senses. When we inevitably find ourselves doubting our ability to navigate our collective evolution Sunflower will humbly remind us that we have everything we need within and without to not just survive, but thrive. This is heart work indeed!

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and Zinnia invites us to remember that we are all children of this Earth and, as children so beautifully show us, we need to lighten up! Open your heart and rediscover your imagination, reconnect to the child within that knows how to engage with the world with curiosity and joy. Together let us dream a new dream for all beings on this beautiful planet.

🌸 May we each deeply remember that to heal ourselves, to remember ourselves whole, is our greatest contribution to the healing of all the Earth.

🌸 We believe plants are intelligent beings, each with their own personality and spirit that provides the blueprint for their life. How and where plants grow, their colors, fragrances, nutritional and medicinal properties, and healing energies are all part of their blueprint.

🌸 The healing energy of each plant embodies specific soul qualities that are also present in each one of us, like small seeds, dormant and waiting for the right conditions to sprout and grow.

Lisa's Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck and Avena's flower essences are powerful healing tools to call upon daily or weekly and to guide you through the different lunar rhythms and seasonal shifts that influence your life.

As we attune more consciously to nature's wisdom, our awareness in turn contributes to the health and well-being of all life.

We offer these essences with gratitude and love,

Deb & Lisa

Meet the POLLINATOR Collection Soulflowers:
Bee BalmMonarda didyma

Bee Balm (VIBRANCE) -- Add some spark to your life! Bee Balm encourages you to let go of inhibitions, cut loose, be passionate, and sing your song at the top of your lungs without judgment. Every day is a gift worth celebrating. Bee Balm reminds you to show up and to embrace the potential of your own life -- no excuses!

Bleeding HeartDicentra spectabilis

Bleeding Heart (INDEPENDENCE) -- Bleeding Heart helps you to recognize and strengthen the true source of your heart's power. It is impossible to sustain directing all your loving energy to external sources, or equally to rely on external sources to sustain you. Fill your strong, independent heart from within, so that you may offer love even when brokenhearted.

ColumbineAquilegia vulgaris

Columbine (ABUNDANCE) -- Columbine encourages you to joyfully embrace life's bewildering array of uncertainties with the kind of confidence that doesn't require too much thought. Go with the flow, with what feels right. Abundance is the knowledge and security that comes with the acceptance that all of your needs are being met.

DandelionTaraxacum officinale

Dandelion (RELEASE) -- Let it go! Dandelion wants you to listen to the messages your body is sending you and to release the attachments that no longer serve your soul's journey. Whatever you are hanging on to, she will help you detoxify, one thought at a time, releasing negativity and self-judgment and restoring ease and flow to your life.

Evening PrimroseOenothera biennis

Evening Primrose (REBIRTH) -- Evening Primrose helps you to release old wounds and feelings of rejection, self-pity, and other heart-heavy issues you may have carried from birth or early childhood. She allows for a sort of a spiritual rebirthing, or a birthing of your true self, so you can make room for more joy, fun, and playfulness in your life.

IrisIris versicolor

Iris (INSPIRATION) -- Iris encourages you to cultivate the beauty within, so you can better create and express it in the world around you. Her deeply restorative energy helps revitalize your connection to divine guidance, helping you to discover your true passions and allowing inspiration and creativity to flow.

NasturtiumTropaeolum majus

Nasturtium (VITALITY) -- Spicy, sensual Nasturtium encourages your spiritual and thinking self to come into balance with earthly, physical reality. She brings warmth and vitality into the practical experience of your daily life, motivating you into action, as opposed to just thinking about it. No more procrastinating!

SunflowerHelianthus annuus

Sunflower (CONFIDENCE) -- Confident Sunflower stands tall and radiant, shining like the sun. When you are suffering from low self-confidence or self-doubt, Sunflower humbly reminds you of your true magnificence, instilling acceptance and understanding and allowing loving compassion to flow from your heart.

ZinniaZinnia peruviana

Zinnia (LIGHTHEARTEDNESS) -- Zinnia encourages spontaneity and just plain silliness in order to help bridge the gap between responsible adult and innocent child. Allow yourself to rediscover your joyful, playful inner child. Open your heart and your imagination and allow yourself to dream. The world is your oyster, and anything is possible!

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Ingredients, Dosage, Considerations & Packaging

In Each Bottle: Brandy† (36% by vol.), Water, Aqueous infusion of the botanical ingredient.

Suggested Use: Take 2-4 drops on the tongue or in water 4 times/day.

Safety Considerations: None.

Packaging: This collection includes nine 10 mL flower essence bottles set in a keepsake kraft box, accompanied by a card introducing you to the collection and each of its members, as well as a card describing ways to take flower essences and how best to store them.

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^Certified Organic, ^^Sustainably Cultivated, **Consciously Wildcrafted, †Biodynamic®

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.