Adaptogens! Our Plant Partners for Peace in Changing Times

A Genuine Treasure -- This Beautiful Art Book would Make an Inspiring Gift to Yourself or Loved Ones. A Visual Feast Paired with Recipes and Reflections to Honor our Relationship with the Plants, our Collaborators. Small Print Run, Limited Edition! Available While Supplies Last.

In Collaboration With the Plants:
by Marie Frohlich & Marla Mazar-Carr

Purchasing this limited edition Adaptogens! book supports the Bomazeen Land Trust founded and run by descendants of the Kennebec people. Their mission enables Abenaki and Wabanaki peoples to renew and resume their caretaking roles for the lands and waters of their land in Maine. Herbalist Deb Soule and the staff at Avena Botanicals have a strong commitment to supporting BIPOC communities and are honored to promote and process proceeds for the Bomazeen Land Trust mission to benefit the indigenous peoples of this land.

"Avena Botanicals' gardens are located in Wabanaki Territory, today known as Maine, on land that was never ceded to European settlers. As Maine celebrates its 200th year of statehood, we at Avena practice truth-telling about the history of colonization here and commit to supporting ongoing struggles of the indigenous peoples of this land for safety and sovereignty."

Why This Book?

Marla Mazar-Carr, artist and co-author, a citizen of Maine, passed away on September 3rd, 2020. We are grateful to her husband, Fred Carr of St. George, who has honored her work by underwriting the publication of this book, which was originally developed and printed as a 2019 calendar with Marie Frohlich of Taproot Herbals and the plants! It is a beautiful tribute and stands to bring many others closer to another way of seeing and sensing and also tasting, with the recipes included. Marla's relationship with many of these plants began here at Avena Botanicals' gardens, where she would come and sit with the plant and listen, to get a deeper feel for the way the plant wanted to be seen and heard. She would be so honored to know that this effort was supporting Abenaki/Wabanaki roots and their relationship to the land and the community of plants that spring from it.

Quote from Marla

"These drawings are visual translations of my interaction with each plant. They contain pictures of conversation; they reveal symbols representing a story shared. They are pencil drawn and almost look like they are photographs. Look closely and you will also see micro worlds of beings, places and activities. When I draw a plant I am recording the messages of light and energy from our interaction and translating them into graphite images. I feel this deeply."
- Marla Mazar-Carr, Artist

For example, The Ashwagandha plant gave her this message: "A Gentle Slumber is Your Solitude."

What are Adaptogens?

Roots, Fungi, Root Bark, Leaves & Berries – a special class of botanical wonders known for helping us raise the floor of our resilience to various stressors in our lives. These herbs found in tea, tonics, tinctures, powders, capsules, and more are not intended to replace foundational health strategies, yet can become your ally in high times of stress.

In this book celebrating adaptogens: study the drawings, learn a little about the plant, try the recipes, and see which ones call to you. Both Avena Botanicals and Taproot Herbals offer adaptogenic herbal tinctures that may be of interest to you as you explore.

The adaptogens highlighted in the book include: Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Bacopa, Chaga, Codonopsis, Eleuthero, Licorice, Maca, Reishi, Rhodiola, Schisandra and Tulsi.

Make a cup of Tulsi tea (known also as Holy Basil) and find a cozy corner to peruse this book and learn another way of seeing and tasting!

Details: Hardback
Size: 9.25 X 12.25 IN
Pages: 35
Publisher: Maine Author Publishing
Publication Date: 2021
Fundraiser For: Bomazeen Land Trust Abenaki/Wabanaki/BIPOC rematriation of indigenous lands in Maine.