Soulflower Plant Spirit Field Guide

Cultivating supportive self-care practices is unique to each of us and can look like all kinds of things—a nap, a walk in the woods, or maybe a hot bath—but there’s a special alchemy that happens when we use art as a way to nourish, connect with and explore both our inner and outer worlds.

A traditional field guide can help you identify the physical aspects of plants, but this special Plant Spirit Multi-Media Coloring Book includes the spirit messages from each of artist Lisa Estabrook's 44 Soulflowers, along with field notes and keywords, to help deepen your understanding of the energetic and spiritual properties these flowers also share.

Art has an energy all of its own and a magical way of connecting us with our deep, inner wisdom to bring our stories into the light to be seen and understood. This is authentic self-care and compassionate self-awareness. And this is self-empowerment.

Whether you create sacred space indoors to color with a cup of tea, a lit candle and some soft music, or sit with the plant in real life while enjoying the ambient sounds of Nature, this sturdy guide will give you the freedom to connect with and deepen your relationship with the Soulflowers through whatever medium your creative heart desires.

Product Details

6"x9" multi-media coloring book featuring all 44 Soulflowers with inspirational keywords and messages all on super high quality heavyweight paper. Suitable for coloring media, paint and collage. Back cover pocket. Brass spiral binding.