The Calendula Collection

This carefully curated collection of skin-nourishing topicals (plus a tincture to promote wellness from within) is a wonderful way to engage with herbs. Each summer, our gardeners hand-harvest a few hundred pounds of Calendula's brilliant orange flowers from our Biodynamic® garden. These resinous, mandala-shaped flowers shine their light into each of the products in this collection. Topically, calendula moistens skin, soothes dry and irritated tissue, improves lymphatic circulation, and promotes a healthy, toned complexion. As a tincture, calendula benefits the skin and mucous membranes, enhances lymphatic circulation, supports a healthy immune response, and promotes healthy liver function.


  • Calendula Tincture (1 oz) - Promotes healthy skin. Supports liver, digestive, & breast health.*
  • Fairy Flower Crème (Unscented) (2 oz ) - This beautiful, infused herbal crème keeps the skin healthy, soft & glowing. Soothes & moistens dry, irritated & itchy skin.*
  • Heal All Salve (1 oz tin) - An all-purpose salve for soothing minor skin irritations & inflammation. Perfect for moisturizing dry, cracked hands & feet.*
  • Calendula Oil (1 oz) - Repairing & soothing to the skin. Supports lymphatic circulation.*

              This collection comes delicately set in a pinstriped kraft gift box filled with craft crinkle paper and tied with ribbon. Ribbon closure does not include dried flowers as pictured.

              *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.