Heal-All Salve

The go-to salve for all variety of your daily dry skin needs. A valued companion for the adventure of life.*

About Heal-All Salve: We start with vibrant green organic olive oil and combine it with a unique bouquet of organic and Biodynamic® herbs from our gardens. These herbs infuse into the oil for 14 days at 100F, resulting in a deeply rich botanical oil. We then melt in enough local beeswax to add firmness. The result is one of the highest quality all-purpose salves available. We've been following herbalist Deb Soule's same recipe for over 35 years, making Heal-All Salve one of our top selling and most revered products!

Deeply moisturizing and nourishing to the skin, this salve provides exquisite after-care to a busy day in the garden or any activity that dries out the skin. Apply to your face, hands, fingers, feet, body, or lips for optimum natural skin support.

Heal-All Salve supports normal tissue integrity and a healthy inflammatory response after vigorous activity. Our 2-ounce and 4-ounce glass jars of salve are perfect for daily use, and our 1-ounce metal tins are conveniently pocket-sized with a twisted lid for travel, camping, gardening, carpentry projects, and all of life's adventures!

Taste/ Energetics: moisturizing, soothing, gentle.

When to reach for it: After picking raspberries or any busy day in the garden. When washing your hands a lot or any time you would reach for hand cream. After a shower, bath, or a foot soak. When you want to give your muscles and tissues some extra support.

Ingredients: Cold Pressed Olive Oil^ infused with Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) root and leaf†, Calendula flower (Calendula officinalis)†, St. John's Wort flowering top (Hypericum perforatum)†, Alfalfa leaf (Medicago sativa)^, Sweet Basil leaf (Ocimum basilicum)†, Borage leaf (Borago officinalis)†, Red Clover blossom (Trifolium pratense)†, Plantain leaf (Plantago major)†, Beeswax, and Self-Heal flower essence.

This product is free of essential oil concentrates.

Plant Profiles:

  • Calendula (Calendula officinalis) - These sunny flowers are as generous in healing benefits and gifts as they are joyfully and abundantly growing in our gardens. We hand-gather over 100 pounds of fresh flowers each summer and carefully lay them out to dry for our salves, crèmes, and oils. When used topically on skin and mucous membranes, Calendula supports healthy tissues. The highly resinous flowers have soothing qualities.
  • Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) - We gather and dry both the leaf and root from our Biodynamic gardens for more of the Comfrey magic. Comfrey has an uncanny ability to support healthy skin. Massaging our Heal-All Salve into tired hands and feet offers deep comfort, with this giving and wonderful plant as an ingredient.
  • Plantain (Plantago major) - The leaves of Plantain are wide and soft. We gather them from our garden pathways and gently dry them. This plant favors high traffic areas, and is a good one to know when enjoying the outdoors. Plantain contains both astringent and moistening qualities that are important for healthy skin growth.
  • St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) - Known for "letting in the light", St. John's Wort flowers add a special energy to our Heal-All Salve. Their qualities support the physical tissues of the nervous system, ease occasional irritation of fingers, toes, and perineum tissue, and offer warmth and light to the heart. Beloved through time, this plant has an ability to soothe and support vitality both topically and internally.
  • Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) - The deep green of alfalfa, packed full of a variety of minerals and vitamins, offer soothing, moisturizing, and vitalizing benefits to the skin.
  • Basil, Sweet (Ocimum basilicum) - A surprise ingredient in our Heal-All Salve for soothing and vitalizing the skin. Besides drying this herb for our salve, we also enjoy eating lots of fresh Basil in salads, pesto, and in fresh green juices alongside Dandelion, Sorrel, and Parsley.
  • Borage (Borago officinalis) - Beautifully blue Borage flowers attract hundreds of bees in our garden. We gather and dry the leaves for our salve, as they soothe the skin.
  • Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) - Red Clover's soft mauve-colored flowers have a gentle effect on the skin. We encourage Red Clover to grow along the edges of our garden, as their flowers are beloved by bees.

Suggested Use: Apply to dry areas of skin including hands, lips, face, and feet. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Safety Considerations: For external use only.

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^Certified Organic, ^^Sustainably Cultivated, **Consciously Wildcrafted, †Biodynamic®

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.